This is not the coming-of-age romance you’re used to: Middle class, all homey and happy end. This book is painful: It’s about Jude, barely surviving his home and high school by employing a technique that you’re being trained in military camps: If they kidnap you, try to think yourself in a different reality in order to survive. This is exactly what Jude is doing. And yes, again, this book is painful: Razor-sharp cutting through working class rural rust-belt Canada. There is no beauty in mobbing, in standing up for yourself, in being different and being treated like shit. And there’s no happy end in this brutal, painful, devastating reality that many don’t think of, when they see rainbow parades on a sunny June’s day. If you’re queer, you absolutely need to read this book to know what we’re still fighting for. And if you’re not, you absolutely got to read this book to confront yourself with a reality, that no newspaper will write about, simply because class is not an issue in the current upper-class-media discourse anymore. What a great debut of Vancouverite Raziel Reid. Relevant, excellent writing – incredibly sad.

Erschienen 2014 bei Arsenal Pulp Press, 176 Seiten, ISBN 978-1551525747. Hier geht’s zur Seite des Verlags.