HOMO ODYSSEY (Brent Meersman)

To see the world through your lover’s eyes. These a travel stories of a man, who saw places. And we are fortunate to come along and meet his lovers: In Marrakech, Tokyo, Cuba, Berlin or Mexico City… „Adventures of a World Traveler“ is the subtitle of this book and that’s, what it is. Brent Meersman goes places, meets people, sometimes has sex with them and takes us along. We learn a lot about the societies he’s visiting, about how gay people live in different parts of the world, about how they see them selves, how they cope with their circumstances, how they see life in their part of the world. This book is a great read, and it’s a must in every gay man’s bookshelf. I am so glad I read it. It tells so much about our times. Don’t miss it.

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Erschienen bei Albino im September 2015, 288 Seiten, ISBN 9783959850391.